A group of Sri Lankan expatriate High School students volunteered to restructure the library of the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Washington DC, and completed the restructuring in an extremely professional manner.

The objective in restructuring was to increase the level of library use and make it active. The project involved designing a plan, physical movement of books from various sections of the Embassy premises to a central location, sorting them into different subject categories, labeling, inventorying, and realigning them for easy retrieval.

The embassy welcomes donations of any books related to Sri Lanka to be included in the library for the benefit of the community, and to be used for educational purposes. Many senior Sri Lankan American citizens have already pledged their contribution from their collections of books for the library.

The embassy has outlined several similar projects such as establishing a properly managed, detailed database of Sri Lankans in the United States, and to enhance the value of the numerous artifacts displayed at the embassy by cleaning, placing and providing descriptions of them for the benefit of the community. The Embassy of Sri Lanka welcomes anyone to contact us to show interest in volunteering for such projects.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
Washington DC

05 January 2009


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