An Iftar reception was held at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington D.C. on 30 October 2005 to commemorate the Holy month of Ramadan. It was attended by a cross-section of the Sri Lankan Muslim community resident in the greater Washington area and representatives of the Sri Lanka related associations in the area.

This event was held following decision taken earlier in the year by the Embassy to officially commemorate the main religious events of all communities in Sri Lanka. Earlier in May a Sangika Dana was held at the Embassy to commemorate Wesak Poya Day. Commemorative events will be held in December to celebrate Christmas and in January to celebrate the Thai Pongal festival. In his remarks at the ceremony, Ambassador Bernard A.B. Goonetilleke, who traced the important role played by the Muslim community in Sri Lanka’s history said such events are intended to not only help us appreciate our respective cultures and demonstrate the continued unity amongst us, but also to ensure that the Embassy was viewed as an inclusive institution, which caters to the cultural, social and religious needs of all Sri Lankans. He added, "We are happy to engage ourselves in the meritorious act of offering food to our Muslim brethren who are fasting. According to Hadith (sayings of the Holy Prophet Mohamed (OWBP) ".whosoever feeds a fasting person in order to break the fast for him shall be forgiveness of his sins and emancipation from the fire of Hell and for him shall be the same reward as for him (whom he fed), without that person's reward being diminished in the least."

Mr. Naseer Azeez presented a brief talk on the ‘Significance of Ramadan and its importance to Muslims’.

A reception followed the breaking of the fast and Maghrib Prayers.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
Washington DC

04 November 2005


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